Heated Wind Screen

Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G

Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G
Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G
Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G
Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G
Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G

Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G

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> A0025455607, A 002 545 56 07 Inc. Supercessions, adaptations & additional parts.

Right Hand Drive & Left Hand Drive. Please have your VIN/Chassis Code ready. 460.210 (230G SUV 2 Door). 460.212 (280GE SUV 2 Door).

460.216 (200GE SUV Cabriolet 2 Door). 460.218 (230GE SUV Cabriolet 2 Door).

460.220 (230G SUV 2 Door). 460.221 (230G SUV 2 Door Long).

460.222 (280GE SUV 2 Door). 460.223 (280GE SUV 2 Door Long). 460.224 (280GE SUV 2 Door).

460.227 (230GE SUV 2 Door). 460.228 (230GE SUV 2 Door). 460.229 (230GE SUV 2 Door Long). 460.230 (230G SUV 2 Door). 460.231 (230G SUV 4 Door).

460.232 (280GE SUV 2 Door). 460.233 (280GE SUV 4 Door). 460.236 (200GE SUV 2 Door). 460.237 (200GE SUV 4 Door).

460.238 (230GE SUV 2 Door). 460.239 (230GE SUV 4 Door). 460.241 (230G SUV Cabriolet Long 4 Door). 460.243 (280GE SUV Cabriolet Long 4 Door). 460.249 (230GE SUV Cabriolet Long 4 Door).

460.310 (240GD SUV Cabriolet 2 Door). 460.312 (300GD SUV Cabriolet 2 Door). 460.317 (250GD SUV Cabriolet 2 Door). 460.320 (240GD SUV 2 Door). 460.321 (240GD SUV 2 Door Long).

460.322 (300GD SUV 2 Door). 460.323 (300GD SUV 2 Door Long). 460.325 (300GD SUV 2 Door). 460.328 (250GD SUV 2 Door). 460.329 (250GD SUV 2 Door). 460.330 (240GD SUV 2 Door). 460.331 (240GD SUV 4 Door). 460.332 (300GD SUV 2 Door). 460.333 (300GD SUV 4 Door). 460.337 (250GD SUV 2 Door). 460.338 (250GD SUV 4 Door). 460.341 (240GD SUV Cabriolet 2 Door Long). 460.343 (300GD SUV Cabriolet 2 Door Long). Open: Monday to Friday 8am-6pm (GMT). The R129 Co Ellison Court Sissinghurst Road Biddenden Kent TN27 8DT United Kingdom. Nearly every Mercedes-Benz part has a 10 digit part number stamped or engraved on it e. If this item's part number matches yours, then the part will fit your car. If we don't have your number in stock, we may have a superseded part which is still compatible with your car, so please message us and we will diagnose this for you. No part number, or s till not sure? Your car (either chassis/VIN number, UK REG number, or the vehicle's model and year). Your part (part number, function, location and/or description).

G'soft top roof not retracting' or'ASR light turns on randomly. Then our experienced support team will diagnose this for you. Please inspect the photos carefully.

In most cases you will receive the exact product pictured, but in some instances the listing photos only serve to represent our typical stock. Cars that we ourselves love and drive everyday.

Our parts are of predominantly original Mercedes-Benz or OE (Original Equipment) brand, the use of which best retains the integrity and resale value of these cars. We sell parts of mostly pre-owned condition which often provides a lifeline when their new equivalent is unavailable or unaffordable. When dispatching, we pack our orders securely with good padding and correct labelling.

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Following inspection we will replace the product with the same one free of charge. Where relevant we will ask for written evidence of the procedure used to fit the part and the qualifications of the fitter.

Fitting of components must follow procedures and good practice as set out by Daimler Benz. We will always try to supply the exact part that our customers require. We will supply the requested p/n (part number) or its equivalent p/n as they are frequently superseded. Sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure the parts bought are correct for the purpose required. In the absence of a p/n we will suggest a p/n based on an oral description or picture supplied but again the customer must check it is a match. Where items are collected they will have been deemed to be inspected to the customers satisfaction at that time. Although every effort is made to ensure goods arrive at the scheduled time, no responsibility can be accepted where any such delay occurs. Prior to the fitting of engines: cam belts, chains, thermostats and temperature sensors must be changed, OE filters must be used and the engine must be flushed. E any manifolds, sump, water pump, injection system, turbo, distributor, gaskets, oil and water seals, sensors, drains and sprockets. All gearbox seals should be replaced as well as the filter and oil to manufacturers specification.

Engine oils and filters must be to manufacturers specification. Ellison Court, Sissinghurst Road, Biddenden, Kent, TN27 8DT, UK Registered as'W140 Spares Ltd' in England & Wales Reg No.

Mercedes 0015459907 Windscreen Heated Switch W460 G